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Kaksi tyttöä nauraa, taustalla Sunti ja suihkulähde

Kokkolan suomalainen lukio

Finnish-speaking general upper secondary school in Kokkola.

Photographer: Konsta Linkola

The Finnish Kokkola upper secondary school provides its students with a modern learning environment, an inspiring atmosphere and top-quality teaching. The extensive and versatile course selection in all subjects gives the students influence over their own study orientation and provides them with comprehensive knowledge and competence for life after upper secondary school.

In addition to general upper secondary education, the Finnish Kokkola upper secondary school offers studies in natural sciences and technology and a possibility to place emphasis on arts, sports or international activities. The Finnish Kokkola upper secondary hands out general upper secondary school certificates and Matriculation Examination certificates, and the pupils can also be given certificates for different oral language proficiency tests and for general upper secondary school diplomas they have obtained in art and skill subjects.

Brochure of Kokkolan suomalainen lukio (in Finnish)

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