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Students with a special orientation in natural sciences and technology can choose to emphasise mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, geography and IT and communications technology in their studies. A maximum of 60 students are admitted each year to the studies with a special orientation. The studies often involve crossing subject boundaries and engaging in experimental work during the courses. The students are offered an opportunity to create their own unique learning paths based on their own interests.

During the courses, the students will collaborate with the university of applied sciences and the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius and get to learn more about, for example, the renowned chemical industry centre in Kokkola – Kokkola Industrial Park KIP – and other companies in the area.

Students in the special orientation studies must take at least 12 courses that are in line with the school’s special educational mission as defined in the curriculum of the Finnish Kokkola upper secondary school. Similarly, the students are entitled to cut eight courses from those deemed as compulsory according to the national distribution of lesson hours.