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The City of Kokkola strives to ensure that the vitality of the city is maintained and strengthened. In the city organisation, business and city development services operate under the corporate administration and services.

We are responsible for

  • maintaining and promoting the operating conditions of companies
  • the availability of business plots
  • developing the attractiveness of the city and the visibility of business activities in Kokkola
  • providing companies with skilled workforce

Strong network

The operations of the business and city development services are closely connected to the key network operators:

  • Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Ltd KOSEK
  • Kokkolan Teollisuuskylä Oy and its affiliates
  • Kokkola Tourism Ltd.
  • KIP Infra Oy and KIP Service Oy

Other key partners include the local development companies, the local entrepreneur associations and chamber of commerce, the educational institutions in the region, the university consortium and regional main financiers.

Vitality programme is based on the city strategy

The Kokkola vitality programme for 2019–2022 was drawn up on the basis of the Kokkola City Strategy. It describes the goals and procedures for developing city-owned industries.

The vitality programme also sets guidelines for the development of the city operations and serves as a steering document in the preparation of corporate strategies.

Start a business, develop your operations or invest in Kokkola – our business services

The business and city development services are in charge of the Invest in activities in Kokkola in collaboration with our business service network.


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