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Invest in Kokkola

Kokkola offers companies an international operating environment with excellent logistic connections. Here things get done fast, flexibly, and with focus on the customer.

With the help of our Invest in Kokkola team, you will find all the vital services needed for the success of your company.

Our strategic top industries are the chemical industry, cleantech, bioeconomy, boats and services. We foster RDI activities that support the business sector, expand our networks into clusters, and focus on raising the degree of processing and product creation.

Companies in Kokkola and in the surrounding region have hundreds of years’ worth of international business tradition and expertise. Positive population development, diversified economic structure and heavy investments in trade and industry will continue to strengthen the vitality of Kokkola even through the 21st century.

Attractive and addictive

Kokkola is a perfect-sized town, not only for the businesses investing in the city but also for their employees and their families: we offer great recreational opportunities, our extensive services are easily accessible, and we value bilingualism as our asset.

Kokkola strives to be a child-friendly municipality that places emphasis on recreational services: at the moment, we are developing the central park area to serve as an even better recreational oasis for the locals.

In addition to the sports and event park entity, we are currently working on, for example, two school projects.

Companies value an environment where the employees and their families can feel comfortable and at home – Kokkola is the perfect place for a great quality of life.

  • Skilled workforce is a precondition for growth and development in the area. The Kokkola region has traditionally had a high employment rate. Thanks to the industrial diversity and the scope of the tasks in the area, Kokkola can offer jobs to a variety of experts.

    Moreover, the versatile selection of educational opportunities in Finnish, Swedish and English supports the labour needs of different companies. In addition to secondary-level vocational education, we have both university of applied sciences and university education on offer with training paths ranging from skilled worker level to doctoral theses.

    At the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, you can study for a master’s degree in social work, chemistry, chemical engineering, and ITC, or take courses for class teachers in adult education.

    Centria University of Applied Sciences has master’s degree options available in, for example, technology, business economics and International Business Management.

    The young workforce of the region has a strong tradition of staying close to home. For example, 75 per cent of the employed Centria graduates were employed in Ostrobothnian regions.

    Tailored training for companies is further supported by close co-operation with the employment services.

  • Highway 8

    The city is advocating for the development of the safety and functionality of highway 8. Highway 8 is the main road and transport route on the west coast of Finland, and part of the TEN-T network. In Kokkola, most of the road transports to the port in Ykspihlaja are made along highway 8.


    KlaRa – Kokkola’s rail traffic and the city centre area development project is an entity combining several individual projects. It brings significant benefits especially to the business sector associated with the Kokkola Industrial Park, simplifies the traffic and the functionality of the travel chains, and promotes the positive development of Kokkola’s urban structure.

    Sports and event park

    The City of Kokkola is building the extensive sports and event park in the city centre in accordance with the general plan adopted in 2018. The project is realised by a company established by the city in 2020, which will initiate the operations, build a hybrid arena and an indoor training rink in the area, and develop the sports and event area as a whole.

    Read more about development projects.


  • Conveniently close

    In terms of traffic connections, Kokkola is perfectly situated right in the middle of Finland: Highway 8 passes through the city, and there are plans to widen it into a four-lane road on the northern side of the city. Kokkola is part of the Finnish main railway network, and the Kokkola-Pietarsaari Airport is located near the city centre.

    The Port of Kokkola is the number one port for the mining industry in Finland. It is also Finland’s biggest bulk port for cargo transported by rail and in transit and the third biggest general port in the country. The port has a deep port of 14 metres, which allows for the passage of Panamax and Capesize class vessels in full cargo.

    Traffic and transport connections

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