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Teos, missä on värikkäästi maalattu lato

This is how it should be seen!  

Exhibition Hall, Pitkänsillankatu 28, Kokkola  

Alajärvi-based visual artist Elina Försti (b. 1971) has made her soulscape her trademark. The artist has given fresh new colours and forms to the Ostrobothnian landscapes with their romantic grey barns. She has documented the changes in the northern rural environment.

Elina Försti’s paintings clearly show her textile artenom training. The artist has used her brush in a thoughtfully detailed manner, and the surface of the paintings brings to mind woven fabric. Försti has brought the Finnish national landscape into the digital age, and the pixelated images of her works have begun to interpret the rural psyche and the countryside in a new way.

Försti studied at the Free Art School. In addition to making art, she teaches and is active in the art world. Her works can be found in several public collections. This is how it should be seen! introduces her most recent works. Försti has received a two-year grant from the South Ostrobothnia Regional Fund. The exhibition is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Information of the photo:

Elina Försti, Drying barn in forest field, 2021–22. Photo: Pasi Puskala