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Food service

Our kitchen professionals prepare and serve a tasty, versatile and nutritious meal for approximately 2500 children.

The lunch service includes a warm course, salad, salad dressing, bread, spread, and something to drink with the meal. The salads are served as components. The children in day care centres are also served breakfast and an afternoon snack. For children in round-the-clock care, the city offers dinner, evening meals and potential weekend meals, as well.

Cleaning service

Our institutional attendants working in day care centres clean an area of over 20,000 m2 every day. The duties of institutional attendants include, for example, basic and maintenance cleaning, making the beds in the resting areas, and other additional tasks such as doing the laundry if there have been accidents.

Our institutional attendants consider the children’s needs in all their work, and they clean the facilities in a way that suits the timetable and activities of the day care groups.

We monitor the occurrence of infectious diseases and follow the instructions of the authorities during epidemics.

Contact information for day care centres kitchens