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Skilled employees are the moving business card of the cleaning and food services.

The cleaning and food services have around 230 employees. We have professional and customer-oriented employees, and each of our permanent staff members is qualified to work in this field. We support the competence, expertise and development of our employees in many ways throughout their career. We provide trainees with varied and diverse intern positions in educational institutions, under the guidance of skilled professionals.

Food services are primarily provided by the city. For some of the facilities, the food services are purchased from an external service provider. The goal of the food services is to provide the customer groups with safe, cost-efficient and high-quality meals. The service is offered to the customers and personnel of day care centres and schools. Top-quality ingredients are the best foundation for food, and we are proud to say that we prepare great food!

The cleaning services are primarily organised by the city for city-owned properties and for properties that house municipal activities. For some of the facilities, the cleaning services are purchased from an external service provider. The cleaned facilities include the local schools, day care centres, sports facilities, libraries and office spaces.

The goal of the cleaning services is to keep the facilities clean, hygienic and in good order, so that they are suitable for the activities that take place in each facility.

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