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Planning and construction


Urban planning is the process of planning and developing the traffic arrangements and public transport connections in the city. Moreover, urban planning also covers the building of city streets, marketplaces, traffic areas, sports and outdoor exercise facilities, parks, green areas and other public utilities, as well as the designing and development of the related equipment.

It is possible to affect street planning in the different stages of the process. Proposals may be submitted during the planning process and when the plan is being submitted for public review. The plans are announced in the Kokkola-lehti newspaper and on the website of the City of Kokkola. In addition, the properties next to the street planning area are notified of the plans.

Traffic planning is part of land use planning, which includes the planning of vehicle traffic networks, city streets, the public transport grid and the network of sidewalks and cycleways. Smooth and safe traffic is the key objective of traffic planning. Moreover, traffic planning includes also parking areas, traffic signs and guideposts, traffic lights and traffic surveys.

The municipal traffic safety plan includes an overview of the current traffic safety situation in Kokkola, the goals for traffic safety work, and an action plan aimed at improving the safety issues in the traffic environment. The development of traffic safety is monitored based on the feedback received from customers and by analysing and compiling statistics of the traffic accidents in the police accident register.


Infrastructure construction projects are carried out in accordance with an established programme. In order to meet the plot demand and maintain the level of building in Kokkola, the city must be able to offer diverse options, particularly near the city centre. Moreover, infrastructure construction efforts are also aimed at maintaining the existing road network and building new roads. All new roads are paved within three years of their construction. Each year, the roadwork projects also include repair sites which, based on either their service life or observed condition, are deemed to require renovation.

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