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Instructions for graduates

  • Register as a jobseeker via Oma asiointi online service. Please make sure that you have a valid e-mail address and a phone number so that we can contact you. Remember to mention that you are looking for a full-time job.
  • Activate your job search on your first day of unemployment, at the latest. If you meet the conditions, you can receive unemployment benefit starting from the first day your job search has been active. Send us a picture of your diplomas in advance via Securedmail.
  • If you are under 25 and an upper secondary school graduate without vocational training, check the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits. Slightly different conditions from other job seekers are applied. Your situation changes as soon as you get a vocational training or take part in job coaching offered by your employment services. For further information, see

Searching for a job requires being active and taking initiative

How to apply for unemployment benefits

  • Apply for unemployment benefits from your unemployment fund or from Kela. The local government pilot gives the unemployment fund/Kela a statement of your right to an allowance according to the information you have provided to the local government pilot. You are responsible for providing correct information. In general, you can submit your application after two weeks of unemployment.
  • In Oma asiointi online service you can see the statements you have been given, answer potential requests for clarification and follow the processing of your clarification.
  • A national phone service can assist you with matters related to unemployment benefits. Phone 0295 020 701.
  • Get to know the rights and responsibilities of unemployed job seekers!

Do you need assistance with online services or information on the local government pilots?

  • Phone service for personal customers: The Kokkola region local government pilot: 06 828 9800 (Available according to the opening hours of iPark: Mon−Wed 9 am−12 am and 1 pm−3 pm) or the national service number: 0295 020 713.

Please report all changes!

Please report getting a job or other changes to your job search and update your information via Oma asiointi online service.

Good luck with your job search!