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Information on the local government pilots on employment

In this Kokkola region local government trial, the employment services for roughly 2,600 customers are being transferred from the TE office’s care to the municipalities.

There will be a change in unemployed jobseeker services, as some of the tasks, concerning particular customer segments, which have previously been assigned to the TE office, are being transferred to the municipalities due to a change in legislation as a local government trial on employment. The Kokkola region local government trial consists of the City of Kokkola, the City of Kannus and the municipality of Perho, as well as the subregion of Kaustinen (i.e. Halsua, Kaustinen, Lestijärvi, Toholampi and Veteli).

The Kokkola region local government trial is set to start on 1 March 2021, and it is set to end on 30 June 2023.

In practice, the launch of the local government trial means that as of 1 March 2021, some of the Central Ostrobothnian customers of the TE Office of Ostrobothnia will mainly make use of the employment services of their home municipality, and some of the customers will remain customers of the TE Office of Ostrobothnia.

There are approximately 2,600 customers affected by this change, and their information will be transferred automatically from the TE Office to the municipalities’ customer information systems, and the transfer does require the customers to take any measures.

14.2 labour units will be transferred from the TE Office of Ostrobothnia to serve the local government trial. The local government trial will have offices in Kokkola’s iPark facility, as well as in the municipalities’ offices. Strong digital service development efforts will also take place during the trial.

This change and the related transfer of customers is based on the Act on Local Government Trials for the Promotion of Employment. Local government trials to promote employment are linked to the Government’s objectives to increase the rate of employment.

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Who are included in the local government trial?

Unemployed jobseekers as well as unemployment service customers who are not entitled to earnings-related allowance are included in the trial. Additionally, all jobseekers under 30 years of age as well as all immigrants and foreign-language speakers who are either unemployed or enrolled in unemployment services at the TE officers of the pilot municipalities.

Regional TE services will notify customers that are affected personally. Transference to the trial does not, therefore, require the customers to take any action.

Infographics on local government trial

Kokkola region local government trial coordinator

Sanna-Mari Levijoki
Employment Manager
tel 044 7809 086

Additional information about the municipal pilot in Kaustinen sub-region:

Anna Nieminen
Employment Coordinator
tel 040-167 8349