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The chamber orchestra of Central Ostrobothnia Music Institute (Keski-Pohjanmaan musiikkiopiston kamariorkesteri) and Kokkola Orchestra Society (Kokkolan Orkesteriyhdistys) were both founded in 1972 to complement the Music Institute. At the time, there was no concert hall in Kokkola, which was considered a major shortcoming.

When planning the construction of Kokkola Commercial Institute (Kokkolan kauppaoppilaitos) it was decided that its physical education facilities should also be able to serve as a concert hall. Construction work began in 16 Nov. 1979. Red bricks were chosen for the construction material instead of prefabricated units by the construction committee. At its best, the construction site provided employment for all bricklayers in the area. According to the main contractor, indeed, at times it was difficult to find enough workforce. Insinööritoimisto M. Parjo Oy was responsible for the acoustic design of Snellman Hall, whereas architectural design was by the architect of the City of Kokkola.

The concert hall was finished in March in 1981. The Ostrobothnian Chamber Orchestra, as well as many Finnish top recording artists, performs regularly at the Music and Event Centre Snellman Hall.