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The main entrance of Snellman Hall is situated in the courtyard of the property, in the inner corner of the building. The main entrance doors lead to the foyer where ticket sales, the cloakroom, the toilets and the restaurant are situated.

The entrance from the foyer to the concert hall is through double doors and it is preceded by a short staircase that descends towards the entrance. There is a separate entrance with a wheelchair ramp for guests with special needs, on the left side of the double doors.

In case of emergency, both entrance routes serve as emergency exits.

Event Organizers

For event organizers and performers, there is a separate entrance which leads straight to backstage. Backstage room and stage are linked by a connecting passageway.

There is space for unloading and loading the equipment also in the east wing of the building, which is connected to the stage by a passageway.

In case of emergency, the event organizers’ entrances serve as emergency exits for the guests as well.

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