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Snellman Hall can be converted to various configurations which makes it a venue for multiple purposes. Below you can see the usual seating map for concerts. Snellman Hall accommodates 577 people in theatre style.


The stalls in the front part of the hall (looking from the stage) is divided into two sections: A and B (flat floor). Sections C and D of the stalls, situated at the back of the hall, are slightly raised (appr. 30 cm / row)..

Guests with special needs

Wheelchair positions are situated at the end of rows 3–12 in Section B. Guests who use wheelchair and their companions are able to sit together since the companion is seated next to the guest. There is a separate entrance with a wheelchair ramp for guests in wheelchair and with other special needs at the back of the hall.

Position of Sound Reproduction and Lights control

​In concerts, the sound reproduction and lights control is generally positioned near row 20, behind Section B. Please consider this when choosing your seat.


There are aisles between the different parts of the auditorium. The main entrance to Snellman Hall leads straight to the aisle between Section A and Section C. In case of emergency, there are two emergency exits in addition to the main entrance: the entrance at the back of the hall (ordinarily for guests with special needs) and the entrance beside the stage (ordinarily only for performers and event organizers).

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