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K.H.Renlund Museum

The K.H.Renlund Museum offers art and history in the form of exhibitions, events and research.


  • Opening of the summer exhibition LIBRARY

    Thursday, June 15, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
    Exhibition Hall, Pitkänsillankatu 28

    Welcome to the opening of K. H. Renlund Museum’s summer exhibition LIBRARY!

    LIBRARY is an exhibition that brings together old and new art, where reading, books and literature play the leading role. The exhibition is curated by Veikko Halmetoja. It includes six contemporary artists, they are Erno Enkenberg, Terhi Heino, Emmi Kallio, Dzamil Kamanger, Joel Karppanen and Veera Kulju. The older works are by i.a. Veikko Vionoja, Alvar Cawén och Pekka Halonen. The exhibition is open from June 16 to August 27, 2023. Free admission.

    Photo: Erno Enkenberg, Maailma ilman meitä, 2017


  • Unboxing — Gifts from the Margins

    Roos House, Pitkänsillankatu 39

    Gems from the collections of Marginal art donated to the Museum

    More information!


  • Traces – the event for families at Mäkiraonmäki

    Mäkiraontie 1, Kannus

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