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  • Respect nature.
  • Stay on marked trails.
  • Show consideration towards other visitors to nature.
  • Check any access restrictions at hiking destinations.
  • Keep pets on the leash.
  • Follow the principles of litter-free hiking.


  • walk, ski or cycle, except in private gardens and lands that are being used for a specific purpose (including cultivated fields and plantations)
  • stay for a short period in any area where access is otherwise allowed (for example put up a tent, but not too close to people’s homes)
  • pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers
  • go angling and ice fishing
  • swim, boat and kayak in summer, and walk and ski on the ice in winter


  • cause damage or disturb other people or the environment
  • disrupt nesting birds and other animals
  • fell or damage trees
  • collect moss, lichen, soil or wood
  • disturb the privacy of homes
  • litter
  • operate a motor vehicle off-road without the landowner’s permission
  • fish and hunt without the appropriate permits.


  • Hikers should leave no trace in nature. Minimise the waste already before you go out.
  • Use durable and reusable packaging materials.
  • Dispose of biowaste (biodegradable waste) in the composting toilets at campsites or a composter. Please do not put biowaste into mixed waste containers.
  • You can use a small quantity of clean paper and cardboard to light a fire at a campfire site or in a wilderness hut fireplace. Do not burn other types of waste as they may form toxic gases and non-degradable waste.
  • Bring any hazardous waste and mixed waste home with you.
  • Always pick up your own litter and, if necessary, also rubbish left behind by others! It is a good idea to carry a small plastic bag with you for picking up litter in the forest.
  • Collect cigarette stubs into your own box and empty it later into a waste bin.

Piirros, jossa Kokko-Lokki kantaa roskapussia kivisessä maastossa reppu selässään.


• Lighting a fire is not an everyone’s right.
• Making fires is only allowed at designated sites.
• You may not light a fire when a grass or forest fire warning has been issued.

Piirros, jossa vaalanpunainen ja vihreäsilmäinen Kola-Kuutti grillaa nuotiopaikalla. Kola-Kuutti on Kokkolan nimikkohahmo.