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What does the sea taste like?

Imagine how it would taste in your mouth.

Why can’t sea water quench your thirst?

During the last glacial period, the Baltic Sea was covered by continental ice. After the glacial period, the Baltic Sea has alternately been a freshwater lake and a brackish water basin. Land uplift as well as the rising sea-levels caused by melting ice have, over the course of time, influenced how the Baltic Sea has been in connected to other seas.

The Baltic Sea is still continually changing. Human-induced climate change, in addition to land uplift, is the main contributor to changes in the sea levels and causes them to rise. In the future, the rise of sea levels may, in a way, counteract the land uplift. If sea levels rise as fast as the earth’s crust rises, new land will no longer rise above the surface of water. If sea levels rise faster than the land rises, it is also possible that now visible ground will be covered by water once more.