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Observe your surroundings.

What signs of animal presence can you detect? What kind of traces do you leave behind in the forest?

Many animal species live in the forests along the nature trail. The naturally growing waterfront forests offer cover and shelter to animals. There have been sightings of Siberian flying squirrels, weasels, stoats, foxes and roe deer, and even moose!

The Siberian flying squirrel prefers old mixed forests with suitable holes for nesting. Weasels, stoats and foxes are found in the area because of to the abundance of small mammals and other suitable prey animals. During the winter, roe deer are found on shores and in older forest, where the snow cover is lighter thanks to the interception of trees. The thin snow cover makes it easier for them to move about and find food. Roe deer consume the soft parts of plants, for example, meadow buttercups, beard moss, blueberry twigs and mushrooms.