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What do you hear?

What sounds are there in the environment?

Can you identify bird and animal sounds?

This gloe lake is a frog spawning site. That is why you can hear them croaking here in the spring!

Flads, gloes and gloe lakes are our lagoons! Lagoons are bays that are isolated from the open sea. Here the bays are cut off from the open sea due to land uplift. Flads still have a clear connection to the sea. Gloes are connected to the sea during high water levels or storms. Gloe lakes no longer have any contact with the sea. However, the saltinity of gloe lakes is higher than in regular lakes.

Many species of plants, fish and birds thrive in flads, gloes and gloes lakes. They are shallower and thus warm up faster in the spring. Spawning fish rise to spawn in the lush and sheltered flads and gloes. Flads and gloes provide amply of food for birds and their babies.