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Observe your surroundings. Do you see all three defense barriers? The forth one can be found on the other side of Harrinniementie.

If you were standing here in the middle of the 19th century, you’d be standing by the seashore. The land has risen by almost 1.5 meters since then!

These defensive barriers from the time of the Crimean War, were built to defend against attacks from the sea. They were built after the Skirmish of Halkokari in 1854. The following year, the battle of Davidsberg was fought, in which the people of Kokkola had to defend themselves again against the British. A cannon was placed at least on one of these four defense barriers. The aim of the British was to retaliate their losses in the Skirmish of Halkokari. The people of Kokkola had built a civil defense system, thanks to which the British retreated.