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Young people of Kokkola!

What would you like to change in your own city? Do the cycleways need repairing? Is the local transport system working well? Does the city offer enough recreational opportunities and places?

The youth council serves as the voice of the youth, bringing ideas and wishes to the decision-makers in Kokkola. The youth council makes the voice of the youth heard, takes a stand in topical matters, organises events and submits initiatives and opinions.

Youth council

The youth council is an institution for young people living or studying in Kokkola which exerts influence in accordance with the Local Government Act. The Kokkola Youth council has been active since 1999 in promoting youth participation, inclusion and influence in the city. The youth council is a politically and religiously independent group. The youth council is subordinate to the local authority committee responsible for youth work and politics.

The term of the youth council is two years. The term begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 the following year.

The youth council consist of about 28 members every term, and they are appointed by the middle schools, secondary schools and youth centres in Kokkola. The members of the youth council shall be 13–20 years old.

To join the youth council, you must run for youth council membership in the council election at your own school or youth centre. Every other year, representatives are chosen through the election process from each school and youth centre. The youth council is appointed by the City Board.

The next youth council election in Kokkola is held in November 2024. All persons aged between 13 and 20 years who are living or studying in Kokkola are eligible to vote and run for council membership. The representatives are chosen in the accordance of their personal number of received votes.

The duties of the youth council include the following:

  • Promoting participation and inclusion among children and young people in the city.
  • Promoting and monitoring activities in the different administrative branches from the perspective of young people, and promoting the collaboration between the City of Kokkola, young people and youth organisations.
  • Influencing the ways in which the municipality ensures the adequacy and suitability of services for young people when developing the services.
  • Acting as an expert body and a youth representative in matters that concern young people.
  • Submitting initiatives and presenting proposals on matters concerning young people and their living conditions.
  • Promoting for its part the communication of services intended for young people and the flow of information between different administrative branches and young people.

The Kokkola youth council has delegates present and the right to speak for example in the following decision-making bodies:

  • 2 delegates in the City Council
  • 1 delegate + 1 deputy delegate in the urban structure committee
  • 2 delegates in the culture and leisure committee
  • 2 delegates in the education and training committee
  • 2 delegates in the youth guidance and services network
  • 2 delegates in the health and welfare group.

In addition, the City Board and other decision-makers and development groups consult the young people when necessary.


The youth council co-operates closely with the boards of student councils by, for example, organising an annual event where young people and politicians meet.

The youth council participates also in organising the cost-free and drug and alcohol-free Nollapiste graduation day event every spring.

The Kokkola youth council has 3 delegates + 3 deputies in the youth participation group of the Central Ostrobothnia wellbeing services county.

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