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Nuori kävelee katsellen Neristanin värikkäitä taloja.

Participation of young people

We encourage young people to take an active role and influence the conditions and decision-making in their own school, living environment and city. We encourage the youth to get involved in voluntary activities.

In addition to student councils, house meetings and the youth council, the participation of young people is also promoted through youth groups, events and meetings with the decision-makers.

  • Here are some options for you to find the perfect way to participate and exert influence:

    • You can take part in the student council activities at your own school by joining the council or bringing an important matter to the student council. Ask your teacher for more information. Read more about student council activies (in Finnish or Swedish)…
    • You can take part in the house meetings of your own youth centre. Ask your youth instructor for more information. You can find contact information here…
    • You can apply to join the youth council. The next youth council election in Kokkola is held in November 2022. You can either run for the council yourself or vote for a candidate from your school or youth centre. Read more about the youth council…
    • You can also contact the youth council if you have an important matter that you would like the youth council to address.
    • You can write an article about something that you hold important for the Nuori Kokkola (Young Kokkola) pages of the Kokkola-lehti newspaper.
    • You can make a local resident’s initiative (in Finnish or Swedish) even if you are under the age of 18.
  • The youth council serves as the voice of the youth, bringing ideas and wishes to the decision-makers in Kokkola. The youth council makes the voice of the youth heard, takes a stand in topical matters, organises events and submits initiatives and opinions.

    Read more about Kokkola youth council…

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