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The tests included in the Matriculation Examination are held twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn. The autumn tests are organised in September–October and the spring tests in March–April. The Matriculation Examination must be completed during not more than three consecutive examination periods. The examination is deemed to start when a student registers for the examination for the first time.


Compulsory and additional tests

The Matriculation Examination consists of at least four tests, of which the native language test is compulsory for all students. The candidate then chooses three other compulsory tests from among the following four tests: the test in the second national language, one foreign language test, the mathematics test, and one test in the subjects of humanities and natural sciences. One of these three compulsory tests must be of an advanced syllabus level. As part of their examination, candidates may include one or more additional tests. The Matriculation Examination is deemed to be completed when the candidate has passed the compulsory tests.

Students starting their studies in the spring of 2022 shall take five compulsory tests according to the legislative amendment concerning the Matriculation Examination.

You can find the general regulations and guidelines of the Matriculation Examination Board as well as the test-specific regulations on the website of the Matriculation Examination Board: