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Tomi Hirvinen

Terms of Use of Anders Libraries

These terms of use apply to all Anders Libraries and are valid from the 1st of September 2017.  Anders Libraries are the public libraries in Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Kokkola, Lestijärvi and Toholampi.

You agree to abide by these terms of use and any revisions to them when using the library services, being issued a library card or agreeing to serve as person in charge.

  • All locations of the Anders Libraries (hereinafter, the Library) are open for everybody.  Anyone who follows the customer regulations is allowed to use the library collections, services and customer facilities.

    An open WLAN network is available at the Library. Since the network is not protected, customers using it are responsible for ensuring any protection they may need. The Library does not accept liability for any problems or damage caused to customers by the use of the open network or equipment used in the Library.

    The Library rents out facilities for various functions and events.  The rental prices of these facilities are listed in the Payments annex of these terms of use and on the Library´s web page. The Library Services Director has the right to allow the facilities to be used free of charge by activities that support library services and events arranged in cooperation with the library.

  • A library card is needed in order to borrow library materials. You can obtain a library card by presenting your identification card and stating your name, address and identity number. The given information will be saved in the Library´s customer register. Everyone has the right to examine the data concerning himself/herself in the database (Henkilötietolaki 523/1999, 10§).

    A commitment by a person in charge is required from a person who is under 15 years of age or otherwise legally incompetent, and from a community borrower (a school, day-care centre, an institution or other community). The person in charge must prove his or her identity by presenting a photo ID and state his or her personal identification number and contact information.

    The library card is a personal document whose holder (the owner or person in charge) is responsible for all material borrowed on the card. The first library card is free of charge. A lost card and any change of address or name must be reported to the Library without delay. The customer is held responsible for the material borrowed on the lost card until the Library has been notified of the loss of the card.

    The library card and a PIN code authorize the customer to use the web library. The customer receives a PIN code by presenting his or her library card and proof of identity.

  • Physical material and e-material is available for use and borrowing at the Library. The Library does not accept any liability for the contents of the borrowed material, the accuracy of the information nor any damage caused by the material to the customer.

    Loan periods:

    • Books   28 days
    • Audiobooks  28 days
    • Books with over 30 reservations    14 days
    • Books listed as short loan  14 days
    • Magazines, CD-ROMs, CDs, records, tapes  14 days
    • DVDs and BluRays    14 days

    Bookmobiles, institutional libraries and the home service may follow loan periods customised to the activities.

    A loan can be renewed five times provided there are no reservations for it. Renewal restrictions apply to certain categories of material, for example short loans. Customers who do not meet the statutory age limits specified for the material cannot borrow films and games.

    Material can be reserved in the Library or via the web library. When the reservation is ready for pick up, a notification will be sent by email, SMS or letter. Reservations are free of charge. Reserved material must be collected within 9 days from the dispatch of the arrival notification. Uncollected reservations are subject to a penalty fee.

    If the required material is not available in the library collections, an interlibrary loan from other libraries in Finland or abroad is possible. The interlibrary loan fees and the penalty fee for uncollected reserved material are specified in the Payment annex of these terms of use.

  • Borrowed material must be returned during the Library´s opening hours on the latest due date of the loan. The fines for overdue loans begin to accrue immediately after the due date.

    Material is returned at the customer´s own risk and a receipt for the returned materials will be issued by request. Material is returned to the drop box at the customer´s own risk and the loans will be registered as returned on the following opening day of the Library. Overdue items returned to the drop box also accumulate penalty fees.

    No penalty fees are collected for children´s and teen´s materials, but overdue reminder expenses are collected as usual.

    The due dates are indicated on the due date receipt issued to the customer when borrowing material. It is possible to receive a due date reminder by email. The Library does not accept liability for the delivery of due date reminders. The Library will send overdue reminders to the customer. More information in the Payments annex.

  • While visiting the Library, library users may not disturb the other library users or the library staff in any way nor endanger comfort or safety in the Library. Library users are responsible for handling all library materials and other property with due care so as not to damage them.

  • The use, borrowing and reservations of the Library´s own materials and guidance and advisory services are free of charge for customers. The Library will charge fees for materials returned after the due date, for failure to collect reserved material, for the delivery of notifications and invoices, for interlibrary loans, for lost or damaged material and for printouts and photocopies. The charges are listed in the Payments annex.

  • Unpaid fees and charges accumulate as debt in the customer´s account. Unpaid fees exceeding 10 € automatically result in the suspension of borrowing privileges. A customer´s borrowing privileges will be restored when the overdue material is returned or lost or damaged material is compensated for, and all accrued fees are paid.  At Kokkola City Library the balance due must be paid in full once a year: on the first working day of March.

  • The Library Services Director or his or her deputy may prohibit a customer from using a specific library for a fixed term (max. 30 days) if the customer repeatedly and substantially disturbs the operation of the Library, endangers its safety or damages library property regardless of being told not to do so.  (Kirjastolaki 1492/2016, § 15).

    Before imposing such a prohibition, the customer must be heard and a local government officer´s decision made on the loss of the right to use the Library. The customer may submit a claim for a revised decision in accordance with the Local Government Act.

Terms of Use in plain language

  • These terms of use apply to you as customer of any Anders library.
    The libraries in Halsua, Kannus, Kaustinen, Kokkola, Lestijärvi
    and Toholampi are part of the Anders network.

    You bind yourself to follow the libraries’ rules and regulations
    by having a library card, agreeing to a guardianship
    or when simply spending time at the library.

    Everyone is welcome

    You can use the libraries’ services, materials and spaces
    as long as you follow user guidelines and rules of conduct.

    In the library, you can use free WiFi,
    i.e. a wireless internet connection.
    When connected to the library’s WiFi,
    make sure your device has virus protection.

    In some Anders libraries,
    you can reserve material without charge
    and rent different spaces.

    Library card and PIN code

    You need a library card to check out material.
    You receive a library card when you show ID
    and give your contact information.
    Name, social security number and contact information
    is stored in the library patron register.

    The library requires a custodianship for patrons under 15,
    customers with special needs and for joint accounts.
    The custodian must confirm their identity
    with a valid ID and give their contact information.

    The library card is personal.
    You are responsible for all material
    that is borrowed with it.
    The first library card is free.

    Notify the library if your library card goes missing.
    Please also notify the library
    if your contact information changes.
    If your card goes missing,
    you are responsible for any material checked out with it
    until you have reported the card missing to the library.

    You need a library card and a PIN code
    to use the online library.
    You receive a PIN code at the library
    when you show your library card and ID.

    Placing holds and borrowing material

    You can borrow different materials from the library,
    e.g. books, magazines, CDs and DVDs.

    You can also borrow electronic books,
    magazines and music on a computer or mobile device.

    Check out times:

    • Books 28 days
    • Audio books  28 days
    • Books with more than 30 holds  14 days
    • Quick loan-books  14 days
    • Magazines, CD-ROMs  14 days
    • Music, recordings, films  14 days

    You can renew a loan up to five times
    if no one else has reserved it.

    Quick loans and seasonal tickets for sports teams
    cannot be renewed.

    The library follows age restrictions for games and movies.
    You can only check out age appropriate films and games.

    You can place a hold at the library’s customer service desk
    or online at
    Reserving material is free of charge.
    You can pick up your reservation
    when you receive a pick up notice
    via email, text message or letter.

    You need to collect your reservation within 9 days.
    The libraries in Kokkola charge 2 euros
    if you do not pick up your reservation.

    You can also request material as a long distance loan,
    i.e. from another library,
    if it is not in the Anders libraries.

    Return date

    When you check out material,
    you get a receipt that tells you the return date.
    Your loan expires on the return date,
    and you must return or renew your loan
    before it is overdue.

    It is possible to get a reminder of the return date by email,
    should you want it.

    You still have to pay a late fee
    even if you do not receive a reminder.

    Returning material

    Return checked out material by the return date by the latest.
    You have to pay a late fee
    for material returned after the return date.

    If you return material through the book drop,
    your loan is ended the next day the library is open.

    User responsibilities

    Treat material from the library
    and other library property carefully.
    Keep the library space tidy.

    Do not disturb or threaten other patrons or staff.
    It is forbidden to use narcotics or be intoxicated at the library.

    Free and chargeable services

    Using and borrowing the library’s materials,
    placing holds and visiting the help desk is free of charge.

    You have to pay a fee if

    • you return material past its due date
    • you do not pick up reservations
    • you receive a late fee reminder or invoice
    • you order a long distance loan
    • you lose or damage material
    • you print or copy

    More information about fees is available in a separate brochure.

    Loss of borrowing rights

    You lose your right to borrow material
    if you owe more than 10 euros to the library.

    You regain your right to borrow
    when you return overdue material,
    pay your debt or replace any possible damage.

    Library ban

    The head of the library can ban a patron
    from the library for up to 30 days.
    You are banned from the library
    if you do not obey rules and disregard warnings,
    or if you pose a threat or cause damage.

    The head of the library has a discussion
    with you before you are banned.
    You have the right to contest the ban.

Payments at Kokkola City Library

Valid from the 1st of September 2017

  • The fines begin to accrue immediately after the due date

    • Overdue loan / week 0,50 €
    • Maximum fee per loan 5,00 €

    The first overdue reminder is sent 21 days, the second overdue reminder 35 days and an invoice 56 days from the due date. An overdue notice for reserved material is sent immediately after the return date. A second notice is sent after an additional seven days. An invoice is sent 21 days after the second notice.

    The delivery charge for an overdue reminder is 2,00 € and 5,00 € for an invoice. Only the delivery charge for a reminder and an invoice will be charged for material from the children´s and teen´s departments.

    Overdue loans will go to recovery proceedings three months from the due date. Collection charges are paid by the customer. If the customer does not return overdue loans after three requests the customer´s borrowing rights are revoked until the items are returned.

    Unpaid fees exceeding 10,00 € automatically result in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

  • Lost or damaged material must be replaced with equivalent material or by paying a compensation corresponding to the value of the material.  DVD, BluRay and CD-ROM discs cannot be replaced with corresponding records. Instead, the compensation for these is a price that includes a copyright fee.

    • Library card: the first card is free of charge, the following cards 2,00 €
    • A reservation not collected or  cancelled before the last pick up date (does not apply for material from the children´s and teen´s department) 2,00 €
    • Plastic bag 0,30 €
    • Sales prices of used books 0,50 – 1,00 €
    • Interlibrary loans from Finland 7,00 €
    • Interlibrary loans from abroad and copies the charges of the sending library
    • Copies / page A4  0,40 €
    • Copies / page A3  0,50 €
    • Printouts / page 0,40 €
    • 3D printing (only at the main library, charge according to size)  1,00 – 3,00 €
    • Colour copy, 160 g A4-paper (only at Kälviä Library)  1,00 €
    • Lukuseuran huone, meeting room
      15,00 € / hour (incl. VAT) or  60,00 € / day (incl. VAT)
    • Hongell-sali, meeting room
      25,00 € / hour (incl. VAT) or 100,00 € / day (incl. VAT)
    • Exhibition space
      free of charge
    • Use of library space outside opening hours
      45,00 € / beginning hour (incl. VAT)
    • Meeting room at Lohtaja library
      5,00 € / hour (incl. VAT)