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A young girl browses CDs at the library.
Tomi Hirvinen

The Kokkola libraries include the Kokkola City Library, the branch libraries of Koivuhaka, Kälviä, Lohtaja, Ullava and Rahkonen and the Library bus.

Are you looking for a particular book? Call us to make sure it is in the bus! NB! The library bus does not drive evening routes on the eve of a holiday. The library bus is on summer vacation in July.

In addition, the libraries of Halsua, Kaustinen, Kannus, Lestijärvi and Toholampi use the same online system with its shared Anders database. The same library card is valid in all these libraries.

Self-service hours

The magazine and newspaper room at the Kokkola City Library, and the Lohtaja and Koivuhaka libraries have self-service hours when the library is otherwise closed. If you are registered as a self-service user, you can use the library from 8-21 on weekdays (Koivuhaka 8-20) and from 8-18 on weekends and holidays (Koivuhaka 10-15).

How do self-service hours work?

There is a machine at the library entrance that opens the door when you show your library card and type in your PIN code. In the library, there is a lending machine that works with a library card and PIN code. You can use the lending machine to return and borrow material. You also have access to computers during self-service hours.

You can read the morning newspaper at the library. If you are the first to arrive, you can grab the daily newspapers from the book drop. When you have read the newspaper, please place it in its assigned compartment.

Regular guidelines apply during self-service hours. Don’t disturb the other customers and don’t make a mess. The library has camera surveillance.

Customer service staff is present

Magazine & newspaper room
Mon-Thu 10-19
Fri 10-18
Sat 9-15

Lohtaja library
Mon & Fri 10-16
Tue & Thu 12-19

Koivuhaka library
Mon-Wed 13-19
Thu-Fri 9-15

If you have questions about self-service hours, please ask the staff.