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    • The spacious and cozy sauna lounge with a fireplace is a perfect venue for meetings, gatherings, club nights, birthdays, bachelor parties and children’s birthdays
    • Wellamo has a dressing room, washing room, sauna and a sauna lounge with a fireplace
    • The venue fits 25 persons


    • fireplace
    • stove and oven
    • microwave
    • refrigerator
    • coffee and water maker
    • dishwasher
    • tableware for meal and coffee services
    • TV with HDMI and Chromecast (upon prior request)

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    • Inviting conference space with modern technology
    • Neptunus is connected to the winter swimming facilities for men and women
    • The venue fits 22 persons


    • fireplace
    • kitchenette with stove, oven, Microwave, refrigerator, coffee and water maker, dishwasher, tableware for coffee services
    • conference room technology (i.a. Smart TV with computer connection, WLAN)

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  • There is no tradition more inherently Finnish than relaxing in the steams of a smoke sauna.

    After the traditional sauna experience you can refresh with ice cold winter swim.

    Smoke sauna area has it´s own washing, dressing and toilet facilities with access to outside winter pool.

    Max. 14 persons.

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  • Swimming Center VesiVeijari has 2 infrared sauna´s.

    • Ea sauna has room for three persons
    • Reservations are made for one hour
    • Make your reservation at the swimming center ticket office

    The infrared saunas are built with aromatic and health-promoting Canadian red cedar. Optimal sweating is achieved in 25 minutes, and +45 °C is a sufficient temperature for the sauna. The infrared sauna also differs from regular saunas in that due to its refreshing impact it can be used even in the morning.

    The most essential difference between an infrared sauna and a regular sauna is that the heat penetrates your body more deeply and warms you on a cellular level, which causes profuse sweating even in relatively low temperatures.

    When the heat penetrates deep into your body, it releases traces of many harmful substances such as toxins, nicotine, alcohol, cholesterol and heavy metals (lead, zinc, nickel, mercury and cadmium). The infrared sauna alleviates chronic fatigue and muscle pain, boosts the operation of the nervous system, increases the level of growth hormones and improves muscle tone and muscle development. It also cleanses the skin, prevents contusions in the skin and improves the skin metabolism. The infrared sauna is perfectly suited also for alleviating age-related problems such as pain and stiffness of joints. Moreover, it boosts the reduction of cellulite, strengthens the cardiovascular system and reduces stress and fatigue.

    Infrared saunas are harmless to the human body, and they do not involve ultraviolet radiation.

    Do not enter an infrared sauna in the following cases: you suffer from a heart failure or a disease in the vascular system, you have a heart condition, you have a lot of scarring on your skin, you are pregnant, or you have a tumour.

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