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  • To keep the swimming centre tidy and inviting, all visitors shall comply with the following rules and regulations:

    1. Children under the age of eight and persons without adequate swimming skills (less than 25 m) can only access the pool area if they are escorted by a person over the age of 15. Parents are always responsible for their children. Finnish Competition and Consumer Agency’s instructions, Dno 200/52/3709.
    2. People with an infectious disease are not allowed in the dressing or washing rooms, saunas or pool area.
    3. When you have paid your entrance fee, you will receive a card which you must use to lock your dressing room locker and then take the locker key with you.
    4. An appropriate swimsuit must be used in the swimming centre. You may not, however, wear the swimsuit in the sauna or when you are washing yourself. If you sweat in the sauna while wearing a swimsuit, showering does not properly cleanse your skin and swimsuit of all the sweat, dirt and bacteria that are released from your skin. Squeeze all excess water from your swimsuit in the shower, not in the dressing room.
    5. The use of swim diapers is strictly forbidden for hygiene reasons.
    6. Wash yourself thoroughly without your swimsuit before entering a pool or sauna. Always shower after sauna, and first then put on your swimsuit.
    7. Wet your hair before entering the pool or wear a swim cap. Long hair shall be tied back.
    8. Diving from the pool sides is forbidden. Use the stairs to exit the diving pool.
    9. The maximum number of users in the therapy pool is 10 persons.
    10. Only one person is allowed in the water slide at a time, always feet first.
    11. Smoking and the use of chewing gum are prohibited in Swimming Centre VesiVeijari. Food, beverages, ice cream and other snacks are only allowed in the pool area when consumed in the poolside café. It is forbidden to bring alcohol to the swimming centre or come to the centre under the influence of alcohol.
    12. When you are leaving the centre, return rental towels and swimsuits to the ticket office.
    13. Each visitor uses the swimming centre at their own responsibility, and everyone is responsible for their own clothes and other property in the swimming centre facilities. The swimming centre shall not be held responsible for lost property and, under the Lost Property Act, the centre is not obligated to store lost items that are worth less than 20 €. Valuable items are handed over to the police.
    14. Taking photographs is forbidden. If you wish to take photos of, for example, you children, you must first consult the swimming hall lifeguards. However, other persons may not be visible in your photos
    15. All instructions and commands issued by the personnel regarding order and safety must be complied with. The employees have the right to remove a person that violates these rules from the swimming hall. Violations may result in a temporary entry ban, issued by the lifeguards at their discretion.
  • Children under the age of eight and persons without adequate swimming skills (less than 25 m) can only access the pool area in VesiVeijari if they are escorted by a person over the age of 15.

  • The lost and found items are collected during the evening cleaning and brought to the Swimming Centre VesiVeijari’s reception.

    The lost and found items are stored for about a couple of weeks and then recycled or donated to charity.

    For hygienic reasons, the swimming centre cannot store e.g. sauna seat covers, underwear, socks or products used for personal hygiene.

    Valuables are taken to the police station about once a month.

    The swimming centre is not responsible for lost items.