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Baby swimming is provided on Saturdays from 9.00 to 11.45 in the water aerobics pool. During the sessions, the aerobics pool is closed to other customers. You can register online for baby and family swimming using the Hellewi system. We notify the parents by email if they are admitted to the group and also give details of the information event which must be attended first before starting the baby swimming sessions.

Family swimming is provided every other Sunday. The exact dates are sent to the participants by e-mail.

  • Baby swimming is a form of diverse physical activity carried our in heated water with a temperature of 32°C. It is intended for babies aged 3 months upwards and is provided under the guidance of a baby swimming instructor. Baby swimming makes use of the baby’s diving reflex, which means that they can swim underwater. Baby swimming cannot be called swimming in the normal sense of the word. It is rather a joint playtime in which the whole family gets to explore the water together.

    When should you start?

    The best time to start baby swimming is when the baby is about 3 months old and weighs at least 5 kg. By this point, the baby is awake for sufficiently long periods and has sufficient strength to cope with the strain involved. The baby’s temperature regulation capacity must also be sufficiently developed.

    When should you stop?

    The baby usually becomes a true water fan and keen to go swimming once a week or perhaps even more often. At the age of around one year, it is okay to take the child into pools that are at a normal temperature. After completing the baby swimming sessions, it is possible to continue the family’s guided swimming times by attended family swimming sessions.

    Water is a pleasant exercise environment at all ages. So move on to set new goals, while listening also to the child’s desires.

  • Family swimming is intended for children over the age of one and their parents. The swimming sessions have a playful atmosphere, and they involve practising water skills and basic swimming skills (getting used to water, conscious breathing, diving and jumping, floating on the water).

    Family swimming is a good way to continue guided swimming activities up to the point when the family and the child are ready to either become normal swimming pool users or to sign up for normal swimming schools and clubs.

    The instructor gives tips and actively guides the parents to enjoy the water together with the child in many different ways.

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