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Värikäs seinämaalaus, jossa on naisen kasvot.

Youth Centers

Youth services offer activities and places to spend time in youth centres around the Kokkola area.

Young people can meet and participate in activities with each other and youth workers in Youth Centres.

All young people are equally welcome to Youth Centres.  They are also welcome to make an effort on the activities and purchases made in Youth Centres.

  • Isojärvi Youth Centre is located near Koivuhaka. The address is Laajalahdentie 85, 67800 Kokkola.


    Grades 3‒6:

    from Tuesday to Thursday 14.00‒16.30

    Grades 7‒17-year-olds:

    from Tuesday to Thursday 17.00‒20.00

    Fridays 17.00‒23.00.

    There are also 16 band rehearsal spaces to rent in Isojärvi Youth Centre.

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  • Isokylä Youth Centre is located in the Isokylä Community Centre, in the purple “dot”. The address is Sillanpääntie 12, 67700 Kokkola.


    Grades 5‒6:

    Wednesday 17.00‒20.00

    Grades 7‒17-year-olds:

    Tuesday 17.00-20.00

    Thursday 17.00-20.00

    Fridays 17.00-23.00

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  • Kälviä Youth Centre is located near the Lucina Hagman school. The address is Marttilankatu 3, 68300 Kälviä.


    Grades 3‒6:

    Tuesdays 14.00‒16.30

    Grades 7‒17-year-olds:

    from Tuesday to Wednesday 17.00‒20.00

    Fridays 17.00‒23.00.

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  • Lohtaja Youth Centre is located in the Lohtaja school. The address is Alaviirteentie 12, 68230 Lohtaja.


    Grades 7‒17-year-olds:

    from Tuesday to Wednesday at 17.00‒20.00

    Fridays 17.00‒23.00.

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  • Ullava Youth Centre is located in the address Soralantie 4‒4B, 68370 Ullava.


    Grades 4‒6:

    Thursdays 17.00‒18.30

    Grades 7‒17-year-olds:

    Thursdays 18.30‒20.00.

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  • Vinge is a versatile Youth Centre located in the centre of Kokkola. It offers children, young people and adults different kinds of clubs, courses and events. The address is Puutarhakatu 2, 67100 Kokkola.

    You can also find the following services in Youth Centre Vinge:

    Read more about the group activities and clubs in Youth Centre Vinge (in Finnish or Swedish)…

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  • Kokkola youth services has 16 band rehearsal spaces for rent at the Isojärvi Youth Centre, at Laajalahdentie 85, 67800 Kokkola.

    Playing time in the rehearsal spaces is from 10.00 to 22.00 every day. Drinking and smoking are not allowed in the spaces.

    The rehearsal spaces are around 15 m² in size. There are acoustic panels on the walls and a drum rug on the floor. Other than that, the tenants may furnish the spaces to their liking.

    The tenants are responsible for keeping the spaces tidy. The staff members of the youth services have the right to check the tidiness of the spaces from time to time. The bands have access to a toilet located in the hallway, which is cleaned by the youth services.

    Each band must have an adult spokesperson who signs for the keys to the rehearsal space and to whom the rental invoice is sent. The tenants are responsible for their own instruments. The youth services do not have an insurance policy that would cover private property stored in the rehearsal spaces.

    The price of renting a rehearsal space depends on the average age of the band members. If the average age is under 25 years, the rent is 89 € per month. If the average age is over 25 years, the rent is 149 € per month. The rental invoice is sent each month to the designated adult spokesperson of the band. The period of notice for the rehearsal spaces is one (1) month.

    For more information on the available rehearsal spaces, please contact:

    Youth worker Veijo Mikkola (040 4882 900,

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