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Kokkola has a diverse economic structure based on several strong fields of activity. Our top industries are chemistry, cleantech, bioeconomy, boats and services. The companies operating in the vicinity of Kokkola possess hundreds of years of traditions and experience in international business. The public sector, health care, social services and education are also significant employers.


We are also actively involved in many networks, aiming to develop business life. The ecosystem agreement with the government gives us guidelines for developing the potential of our top industries until 2027. In addition, the industrial policy cooperation agreement between the city and entrepreneurs guides our regional goals yearly.


  • The Kokkola industrial area (a.k.a. Kokkola Industrial Park – KIP) is situated in Ykspihlaja, a part of the city five kilometers northwest from the city center. KIP constitutes of 700 hectares of land. There are 19 industrial plants and approximately 60 service sector companies operating in the area, which makes a total of nearly 80 companies. These companies are currently employing 2300 people. The service sector companies provide a variety of products and services to support the main functions of the industrial plants in the area.

    These industrial area companies are the top of several product markets, according to various indicators. The industrial plants are for the most part international, and most of their production is exported to all over the world. The Port of Kokkola is situated near the industrial area, which is a significant factor in supporting export industry. Behind the success of the area is a strong and decades-long collaboration, as well as a so called industrial symbiosis. Companies have formed different synergies on many levels, such as in reclaiming processing industry’s side streams, in centralized service production, and in developing common working culture, especially concerning the EHSQ activities (environment, health, security, quality).

    Kokkola Industrial Park has faith in the future, as proved by the investments made and planned for the area, as well as the nearly constant recruiting.

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  • Kokkola is situated in the heart of Finnish boat building. Companies operating in the West coast constitute approximately 65 percent of the total value of Finland’s boat export. High competence and hundreds of years of traditions are demonstrated in Kokkola’s boat industry, especially in our top quality motor boats, manufactured both for leisure activities and official duty. The boats manufactured in the region are for the most part custom-made and carefully fitted for customers’ needs.

    The Kokkkola region boat cluster consists of over a hundred companies, and employs approximately 1500 people, subcontractors included. New professionals are constantly trained for the boat industry. The cooperation of enterprises and local educational establishments is straightforward, and trainings are modified according to current needs. The teaching takes place both in educational establishments and in the boat manufacturers’ own facilities.
    A great asset of our boat industry is an extensive and local network of design and subcontracting. Materials are delivered flexibly via pre-existing international networks. In addition, the Kokkola region has specialists in composites and aluminum, complex propulsion unit manufacturing, international maintenance service, as well as excellent plots by the sea. All this makes the Kokkola region an optimal location for top-level boat manufacturing.

  • Kokkola is the most important center of commerce for daily and special goods in its region. The historical trading city Kokkola is developing the city center to make it even more functional and full of experiences.

    The city of Kokkola is investing in developing the commercial city center on a long-term basis. A construction project starting in 2022 will connect the railway station and the Kosila area, condense the commercial services and strengthen the business potential in the city center.

    Studies demonstrate that Kokkola’s business status will continue to be reinforced with the increasing population and the growing purchasing power. The growth of purchasing power concerns both daily goods and special goods and services.

Centre of know-how in diverse chemical industry – KIP

Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) is the largest ecosystem of inorganic chemical industry in Northern Europe. It consists of several top enterprises in chemical industry and metal industry.

We invest in creating new commercial activities and in developing them!

Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy KOSEK is in charge of advising new entrepreneurs, supporting the creation of new businesses and of the development of growth companies. It also operates as an Invest in partner.
Kokkolan Teollisuuskylä Oy works to develop facilities of enterprises and to increase the supply of private operators
Kokkola Industrial Park‘s infra and real estate are developed in collaboration by KIP Infra Oy and KIP Service Oy.

A positive business atmosphere is one of the three main themes of Kokkola’s city strategy. Together we reinforce a positive business atmosphere and create the future Kokkola!