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The local companies and the large-scale industry area conduct their RDI activities in close collaboration with the local organizations for education and research. A strong and well-functioning collaboration network is a guarantee for excellent results!

Research at the Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius
The University Consortium’s research activities address global problems from the point of view of the region. Our research contributes to business renewal and competitiveness as well as to the wellbeing, inclusion and study opportunities of citizens.

The multidisciplinary focus areas of the University Consortium:

Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius disciplines:


Centria’s research, development and innovation activities aim for regional development.

Our RDI activities are regionally significant and impactful. In our operating area, industrial production and exports per person are among the highest in Finland. Some of the key areas include mechanical wood processing in Ylivieska and the surrounding region, inorganic chemistry industry in the Kokkola Industrial Park and Alholmens Industrial Park in Pietarsaari. Together, they employ nearly 8,000 people and make an annual turnover of more than 4 billion euros. In addition, there are many other successful industries in our region!

These regional features are central in our activities and research. The competence of our digitalisation team is strongly focused on the various challenges posed by digitalisation, and it develops opportunities to apply the latest technology. In our chemistry and bioeconomy team, the circular economy and sustainable development are at the core. Our production technology teams study, for example, how robotics and artificial intelligence can improve efficiency and occupational safety in companies. The entrepreneurship and wellbeing team is responsible for ensuring that we also take people’s wellbeing and inclusion into account. In addition, we offer training and development services to companies, especially in areas where there is not enough other provision.