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The sea has been shaping Kokkola for centuries. It reminds us of freedom of thought and of the possibilities the world has to offer. The sea tickles our toes, brings us fresh winds and offers new experiences all year-round.

An original and strong culture has evolved by the sea where the creating and witnessing of new experiences belong to all people of all ages. Music, theatre, film and manual skills arise from strong traditions and reach towards the future. We also nurture the future musicians, artists and writers who play and practice all things imaginable. Because that is where we are – between earth and sky.

In Kokkola, both things big and small work smoothly: there’s safety in traffic and in everyday life, there’s daycare and schools, a hospital, a vivid city center and delightful and unique travel destinations.  Moreover, the nature is within reach to all residents of Kokkola. There is more time for living when you can finish your work day and go straight to skiing, biking in the woods, swimming or doing various sports. There are nature trails, disc golf courses, workout stairs and coastal cliffs – or padel, football, floorball or hockey.

Kokkola – We have a broader horizon.

Here we fit more life in the everyday life. We filmed some of the favorite moments of people living in Kokkola. Would you enjoy this atmosphere?

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