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Kokkola is developing a dynamic and attractive city. In addition to its own construction and investing projects, the city takes part in national development projects and is active in lobbying.

Top initiatives of the Kokkola city vitality program 2019 – 2022

  • Developing the sports and events park
    A vast sports and events park will be constructed near the city centre. The area for sports and events will eventually consist of for example: A hybrid arena and a complex for ice sports. The whole is promoted by a company founded by the city in 2020.


  • The KLARA initiative – Initiative for developing the rail transport and the city center
    KlaRa – Kokkola’s initiative for developing rail transport and the city centre is an entity formed by several individual projects. It benefits especially the economy in the Kokkola industrial area, streamlines traffic and trip chains and contributes to the positive development of Kokkola’s city structure.In addition to rail transport, the city is promoting developments in safety and functionality of the highway 8. Highway 8 is the main road in the coastal western Finland and a part of the TEN-T network. Most of the road transport to and from the Port of Kokkola goes through it.


  • KIP– Developing the Kokkola Industrial Park area.
    KIP is the largest ecosystem of inorganic chemical industry in Northern Europe. It consists of several top enterprises in chemical industry and metal industry. Kokkola has seen a rise of a strong cluster of chemical industries and global enterprises. The competence is visible in the process know-how in the industrial area, as well as in the cluster of training and high-level education.


  • National urban park
    Kokkola National Urban Park is the largest and the most maritime urban park in Finland. The park starts from the archipelagos of Luoto and Kokkola, from the island of Tankar and its Poroluodonkari which are preserving marine history and the history of recreational use, as well as environmental values. It continues through Trullevi, Harriniemi and Vanhasatamanlahti to Suntinsuu and from there along the Suntti channel and its green spaces up to the wooden house quarters of Neristan, Oppistan and Mäntykangas and the railway station.

You can find more videos of Kokkola National Urban Park attractions in the Kokkola city YouTube channel.