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The companies, entrepreneurs, research, education, public administration and voluntary sector have formed a significant network in Kokkola – an ecosystem.

The ecosystem includes several smaller networks which are actively developing innovations for collective good, such as projects related to education, environment and safety. The area is working in close collaboration in RDI activities with organizations for education and research. A strong and well-functioning collaboration network is a guarantee for excellent results!

The industrial area’s chemistry cluster is a prime example of an environment for developing circular economy, and its potential for growth continues to be significant. The operators are genuinely linked and based on strong competence, created by a long history. The productional enterprises of Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) are implementing their common synergy in their production processes and in managing their by-products.  This makes the material flows and energy flows more effective and can remarkably reduce the amount of process waste. The area has investigated and reclaimed several side streams, and operations have been made more efficient in the spirit of circular economy.

A variety of paths in education enable Kokkola to train more skilled workforce for enterprises, for example in chemical technology, from vocational level professionals to doctorate level experts. The educational system reacts fast and flexibly to the needs of training workforce. In addition to chemical technology and process engineering, the educational organizations train professionals in logistics, IT and the commercial field. The area possesses skilled workforce that is committed to the region.

Examples of active networks:

  • Locally – Kokkolan Suurteollisuusalueyhdistys ry
    The companies in Kokkola’s industrial area started an organized collaboration by founding the Kokkolan Suurteollisuusalueyhdistys (KIP ry). The founding of this association was a significant step towards making the area known and developing it, as well as towards collaboration. The most important functions of the association are safety matters and environmental issues, the high quality of which adds to Kokkola’s good reputation.
  • Nationally – A network of eco-industrial parks
    KIP is a part of a national network of eco-industrial parks. The network of eco-industrial parks works actively and is spreading knowledge-based experience all over Finland. The network provides excellent contacts to the multifaceted field of circular economy. In addition to sharing the best practices and exchanging knowledge, the network organizes workshops and visits to eco-industrial parks. Circular Economy Centre is the leader of a nation-wide network of eco-industrial parks, providing a good view of the Finnish circular economy.
  • Internationally – European Chemical Site Promotion Platform
    KIP is the only Finnish and Nordic member in the European collaboration network for chemical sites ECSPP (European Chemical Site Promotion Platform). ECSPP aims to support and cherish the collaboration and communication between chemical industry sites in Europe and to promote the member sites to global investors.