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Workforce – know-how and professionals

Kokkola is a significant employer and educator. We offer a wide range of study options in Finnish, Swedish and English from vocational training up to university of applied sciences and university level and even doctorates.

From Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius graduate the Masters in chemistry and chemical industries, social work and information technology, as well as class teachers. Centria University of Applied Sciences offers degrees such as higher degrees in technology and business economy or the International Business Management degree.

The newly graduated get strongly rooted in Kokkola. We also emphasize training fitted to the needs of enterprises.

One of the main purposes of vocational training is to serve the business world. Kpedu Business Services is a centralized service for employers in all questions related to developing the skills of their personnel. Kpedu answers partly to the needs of enterprises and employers when it comes to improving the skill set of their personnel. We can also assist with recruiting. For example RekryKoulutus is a way of providing training fitted for the needs of the enterprise. As a rule, the training takes place right where the skills are needed − at the workplace.