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The map below depicts the location of Congress Kokkola and the Kokkola Hall. The map also shows other conference facilities in our town. You can zoom the map by clicking +/- on your keyboard. Click any sight in the list to access it directly.

Kokkola Tourism Ltd/ Congress Kokkola Sales is locating in Shopping Center Chydenia in central Kokkola. Town Hall (Kokkola Hall) is locating by the river of Suntti. Distance from the busstation and railwaystation about 500 m.

For the map of Kokkola, please call Kokkola Tourism Ltd tel. +358 6 8065 075 or email You can also get the map from the internetsite

By airplane 
Kokkola Airport is locating in Kruunupyy, 22 km south-east from the city of Kokkola. Order bus connection to Kokkola. For the timetable, visit "By airplane" - link.

By train 
Railwaystation is locating in centrum, only 500 meters from Market Place and 150 m from Promenade Centrum. For the timetable visit "By train" - link.

By bus
Busstation is locating next to the railwaystation (across the street) Daily tours to north, south and east. For the timetable, visit By bus - link.

By the Taxi
From the airport, railwaystation and bus station or any other adress in Kokkola, you can use taxi-service. To order a taxi-service call 0100 85111.

Distances to the city of Kokkola:
Helsinki 491 km
Jyväskylä 241 km
Oulu 196 km
Rovaniemi 420 km
Tampere 324 km
Turku 436 km
Vaasa 121 km

Lentäen Kokkolaan
VR kyyditsee Kokkolaan!
Connection Kokkola-Jakobstad
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