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Seal Hunting Museum

Island of Tankar

Tankar Island, originally called Tankokari, used to be a base for fishermen and seal hunters. The barren island with its cairns was an important land and sea mark for maritime travellers. A beacon was built there in the 19th century. The lighthouse dates from 1889. Today there is a pilot station on the island.

Small grey fishing huts still dominate the landscape of Tankar. The natural environment of this small island is diverse, but vulnerable. The conditions for bird watching in particular are excellent.

In addition to the church built in 1754, the island’s attractions include a seal hunting museum. It is also possible to spend a night in the guesthouse.

Seal Hunting Museum

Since the stone age, seal hunting was a significant source of livelihood in the coastal regions of Finland. The museum on Tankar Island holds an extensive collection of objects related to this occupation which was carried out in harsh wintery conditions. The museum is open during the summer months.


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