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Kuvaus vanhasta kaupungista rakennuksineen, etualalla näkyy niittyä ja lehmiä.

Exhibitions and events

The exhibitions in the K.H.Renlund Museum are aimed at giving visitors a versatile image of the cultural history and art in Kokkola and Central Ostrobothnia. The museum’s own collections form the basis for the exhibitions and display material that strengthen the urban identity of the local residents in Kokkola. The K.H.Renlund Museum hosts 5–7 changing exhibitions every year, with emphasis on modern (contemporary) art and Finnish contemporary folk art (ITE). The museum’s own collections shed light on the local cultural history and art with the help of different themes and phenomena.

Permanent exhibitions

    Kokkolan lasten ja nuorten kuvataidekoulun alumninäyttely 11.3. –30.4.2022

    Kokkolan lasten ja nuorten kuvataidekoulun oppilasnäyttely 1.4. –7.5.2022

    FATHERS AND SONS 2.6. –31.8.2022
    Curator Veikko Halmetoja

  • 2022
    18.6.2020-20.2.2022, Onni suosii rohkeaa

    3.6.-10.10.2021, ITE pilvessä
    4.3.-9.5.2021, Ykspihlaja project
    10.12.2020-31.1.2021, Seascapes, Kivistö & Leppisaari

    26.9.-29.11.2020, 5  MUIJAA
    11.6.-16.9.2020, Pohjoismaisen taidekoulun alumninäyttely
    13.2.-26.4.2020, ITE-taiteen juhlanäyttely
    13.2.-5.4.2020, Pehmeetä touhua
    21.11.2019-19.1.2020, 5 ÄIJÄÄ
    7.10.-26.1.2020, Dialogeja kokoelmista

    20.6.-27.10.2019, Wanted ITE
    25.4.-22.9.2019, Kesä kuvin, Museon omista kokoelmista
    21.2.-2.6.2019, Maan aika, Jyrki Portin
    24.1.-24.3.2019, Norsunluutornin purkajat, Valentina Näsi ja Seppo Kalliokoski

    15.11.2018-3.2.2019, Tarinoita Slovakiasta ja Suomesta-Ondrej Šteberl & Emma Helle
    8.10.2018-2.1.2019, Håkan Ahlnäs, Elämä
    24.5.-30.9.2018, Hepeneet, Vaatekaapin kätköistä
    15.3.-21.10.2018, ITE-Pienoismaailmat
    9.3.-15.4.2018, Rune Snellman, Morpheus – Kaksi kaupunkia

    1.12.2017–19.2.2018, Avaritia & Eppur Si Muove
    19.10.2017-18.2.2018, Transitions of energy
    12.10.-19.11.2017, Owe Åsvik, retrospektiivi
    8.6.–24.9.2017, Sään tuntu, Veikko Vionojan maalauksia
    18.5.-17.9.2017, ITEpäisyys
    2.5.-4.6. 2017, Klassikot kiertueella, Toipilas
    7.–28.4.2017, Kokkolan lasten ja nuorten kuvataidekoulu 35-juhlavuosinäyttely



The K.H.Renlund Museum offers its visitors an abundant selection of different events and experiences. These include seminars with visiting specialists as well as different family events. Many of the events have already become a part of the local traditions, in addition to which the visitors get to enjoy events and programme related to the theme of the changing exhibitions. The events hosted by the museum are always open to all free of charge.

Annual events in the K.H.Renlund Museum

  • Cleaning Day is a day of celebration for friends of flea markets and recycling. On Cleaning Day, the courtyard of the Roos House and Isokatu Street are transformed into a gigantic flea market area and a treasure chest filled with unforgettable finds.
    The idea of Cleaning Day is to make recycling easy and create vivid and responsible urban culture. The event is organised in collaboration with the City of Kokkola and the entrepreneurs of Isokatu Street as part of the national Cleaning Day.
    Roos House courtyard, Pitkänsillankatu 39 and Isokatu Street
    Reservations for the Roos House courtyard:
    Museum Hostess Monica Witting-Kangasniemi tel. +358 (0)44 7809 477

    Trunk/parking space reservations for Isokatu street:
    City of Kokkola, Kari Moilanen tel. +358 (0)400 510 940

  • The Kokkola Medieval Days are the northernmost medieval event in Finland and the only one of its kind in Ostrobothnia. Every year, the event involves a fresh new theme and highlights phenomena and traditions that stem from the Middle Ages and are still present today.

  • The night of commerce and culture is an event involving the entire city, and it is organised every year in Kokkola on the second Friday of September. During this special night, the city is filled with different events and shops hold their doors open late into the night.
    A wide selection of programmed activities is also organised in the courtyard of the Roos House, and exhibitions and pop up concerts are open to the public inside the house. The Roos House and museum shop are open until 22:00 in the evening.


    During the Christmas at the Drakes´ event, the charming museum destination is open to the public in the form of guided tours. For this special event, the Home of Fredrik and Anna Drake is decorated with the family’s own Christmas ornaments and decorations, the table is filled with Christmas delicacies and Christmas songs are played everywhere.
    Christmas at the Drakes´ is organised on the first Saturday of December.

  • The Roos Christmas market gathers the products of the local artisans and craftsmen under the same roof. The Christmas market offers visitors a chance to find locally made handicrafts, decorative items, jewellery and Christmas pastries – accompanied with a great atmosphere and the joy of Christmas. The Christmas market is organised on the first Saturday of December.
    You are most welcome this year, too!