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Armas Järvelä's Butterfly Collection

Armas Järvelä (1918-2002) was an Ostrobothnia-born lepidopterologist whose hobby resulted in a significant butterfly collection that includes over 21 000 specimens. Most of them represent their adult phase, but the collection shows also the caterpillar and pupa phase. Järvelä started collecting butterflies in the summer of 1960. He collected specimens in Finland and during his travels abroad. He wrote down his observations in detail so they could be used in researches. Armas Järvelä, as many other skilled butterfly enthusiasts, brought up rare butterflies from caterpillars.

Lepidoptera is the largest order of insects. The classification of butterflies is in general based on the structure of their genitals and the colouring of their wings. The butterflies displayed in Kieppi are divided into different themes due to the large number of specimens. As a result the Papilionoidea, hawk moths and nightjars, common moths and leaf roller moths as well as owlet moths and geometer moths will gradually become more familiar. Many butterflies have been named after their primary food plant. Visitors can also learn about the ecology of different butterfly species (distribution and habitat among other things).

Asian Swallowtail (Papilio xuthus)

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