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The nature trail

You can acquaint yourself with the island’s flora and fauna along the 1.5km nature trail.

Honour the nature
Tankar is the most northerly wooded island in the Kokkola-Pietarsaari archipelago and belongs to the Luoto archipelago's Natura 2000 area. The island’s geographical location in the outer archipelago adds its own stamp to its nature.

In total around 180 plant species have been recorded on Tankar, amongst the rarest of which are Euphrasia bottnica, Dianthus deltoides, Botrychium lunaria, Solanum dulcamara and Carex viridula. A noticeable proportion of the plants are bacciferous, around twenty species. The most common mammals are bats, hares and moles. In spite of its stoniness, snakes are not found on the island.

Wandering on the island
You can acquaint yourself with the island's flora and fauna along the 1,5 km nature trail. But travel only on the island's marked paths and causeways. During nesting season 15.4.-31.7., avoid travelling along the cliffs in the north of the island. A part of the trails on the island are suitable for those with impaired mobility.

The Nature Trail

Tankar Nature Trail

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