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History of the festival 

The festival of water, fire and light - celebration during over 100 years

Traditional ending of the summer season in Kokkola region

Summer enjoyment for those with summer cottages...
In Kokkola and the surrounding area, the 'Venetian Evening' or 'Venetziad' is the traditional way to mark the end of the summer season and the time when people leave their summer cottages on the last weekend of August each year. This custom started over one hundred years ago, when the first bonfires and paper lanterns were lit at Sandstrand beach in Kokkola.

Originally this could have been held on any evening in August, the most important aspect being the reflected light of the candles and fires dancing on the surface of the water, showing them to their best.

A magnificent festival of light and illimination became part of the Venetian evening. Bonfires, lanterns and barrels of tar were set alight, together with displays of fireworks, to lighten the darkening late summer evenings. The festival gets its name from the Italian art of making fireworks, which came to the rest of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. The fireworks were originally known here as Venetian fires, after the Venetian trading town.

The Venetian evening gradually became a tradition celebrated on the last Saturday in August, when people left their summer cottages to move back to their homes in the town as the month turned to September. This led to the evening also being referred to as 'the end of the summer cottage season'. 


...the summer fun has turned into a party for everyone
The end of the summer on the west coast of Finland is marked by magnificent celebrations of water, fire and light on the last Saturday of August. As the custom of spending the summer break in a cottage gradually became more common, thousands of lighted candles at the cottages on the coast set the sea on fire with their light.

A glowing procession of torchlight, stretching for several kilometres, can be seen along the beaches near Kokkola on this evening.

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