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Organisations and Financial Support for Cultural Activities

Free organisations are the key to join the cultural life
There are dozens of active cultural organisations in Kokkola, offering a wide array of cultural hobbies to people of all ages and interests. You can find out more about the organisations in Kokkola from our register of organisations.

Project and rent subsidies
The Kokkola municipal board for education and culture awards project and rent subsidies to organisations, cultural associations, individual artists or group of artists. Subsidies are applied for using a specific subsidy form that must be returned with the necessary attachments to the Kokkola municipal Cultural services. You can print out an application form for subsidies from “Attachments” on the column on the right. You can choose Finnish or Swedish form.

Other sources of support
Apart from the city of Kokkola, cultural activities are also supported by the regional arts council and private foundations. You will find further information about the different possibilities of receiving support for cultural activities from the links on the right.

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