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Youth council

What is Kokkola Youth council?
Kokkola Youth council has been active since 1999 in promoting youth participation and inclusion in the city.

Kokkola Youth council is a politically and religiously independent group that represents the views of young people living or studying in Kokkola in accordance with the Local Government Act.

The Youth council is subordinate to the local authority committee responsible for youth work and politics. The Youth council is established by the City Board (Local Government Act 410/2015, 26 §).

The term of the Youth council shall be two years, and this shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31 the following year.

According to the operational rules the youth council:

  • promotes participation and inclusion among children and young people in the city,

  • promotes and monitors activities in the different administrative branches from the perspective of young people and promotes the collaboration between the City of Kokkola, young people and youth organizations,

  • encourages the municipality to ensure the adequacy and suitability of services for young people when developing services. The youth council can also act as an expert body and a youth representative in matters that concern young people.

  • submits initiatives and presents proposals on matters concerning young people and their living conditions,

  • promotes for their part the communication of services intended for young people and the flow of information between different administrative branches and young people,

  • draws up annually a plan of action and a report,

  • performs tasks that fall under the competence of the youth council and tasks that are assigned by the city’s different sectors, local councils and the City Board,

  • cooperates nationally in youth council activities.

Who participates in the youth council and how do you get elected?
The youth council consist of about 25 members every term and they are appointed from middle schools, secondary schools and youth spaces in Kokkola. Representatives for the youth council are requested form the above mentioned parties every other year.

Getting elected to the youth council requires running for youth council member in one’s own school or at one’s youth space. The representatives are chosen by organizing elections in every school and youth space.

Members of the youth council shall be 13- to 20-year-olds.

In which bodies does Kokkola youth council exert its influence?The youth council have delegates present and the right to speak in the following decision-making bodies:

  • City Council: 2 delegates

  • Technical Committee: 1 delegate + 1 deputy delegate

  • Local education and culture committee: 2 delegates

  • Development teams subordinate to the education and culture committee:

    Youth services development team: 8 delegates 

    Culture services development team: 1 delegate + 1 deputy delegate

    Sports services development team: 1 delegate + 1 deputy delegate

  • Youth guidance and services network: 2 delegates

The City Board and other decision and development groups consult young people when necessary in their work.

What else should you know about the youth council?

The youth council cooperates closely with student body councils by i.a. annually organizing an event where young people and politicians meet. The youth council participates also in organizing the Nollapiste graduation day event every spring.

The youth council has its own budget. These funds are used to fund the youth council’s activities and for example organizing events for young people in Kokkola. The economy is handled by the youth council secretary.

Kokkola Youth Services Coordinator, Sanna Immonen, is both secretary and contact person for the Youth council.

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