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Kokkola’s rich cultural heritage  

At the beginning of the 19th century Kokkola was one of the largest towns in Finland. The town was an important merchant shipping centre, enjoying a vibrant international trade. The main export article was tar, produced in the Central Ostrobothnia region. Successful trade made the town and its inhabitants wealthy bringing with it international influences. It provided the environment for a diverse and exceptionally high level of culture.

This rich cultural heritage of Kokkola is displayed in the K. H. Renlund Museum - Provincial museum of Central Ostrobothnia. Alongside exhibitions in four different houses at the city centre, the museum offers an extensive range of educational programmes encompassing a wide audience. The courtyard in the Museum Quarter is an oasis during the summer, a pleasant place where you can sit and enjoy refreshments in historical surroundings before or after a tour of the museum. Many diverse exhibitions are to be found.

The Roos House
The Roos House

Roos Estate was built in 1813 as a residence for merchant Andreas Roos and his family. Today the building serves as the exhibition space for the K.H.Renlund museum. The upstairs gives a glimpse of 19th century life in Kokkola and of the Roos family. Another important part of the exhibition is Karl Herman Renlund and his art collection from the Golden Age of Finnish Art. Downstairs has a space for temporary exhibitions and a museum shop. Leo Torppa’s unique camera collection is housed in the salt storehouse on the Roos Estate. 

Museum Quarter
Museum Quarter

The Pedagogy is an old schoolhouse built in 1696. It is probably the oldest secular urban wooden building in Finland. The southern end of the building was a synod hall or meeting room for clergymen and the north end was used as a classroom and the teacher’s living quarters. The building has been used by the K.H.Renlund Museum since 1909 and it has a school history exhibition on display.

Lassander House was built in 1748. The building was originally built on Kustaa Adolfinkatu and later moved to its current location. The merchant families Lassander and Ahla, among others, have lived in the building. The Lassander house is furnished to reflect the home of a merchant family in the 18th centrury in Kokkola. The house gives also insight to e.g. the history of trading and shipping.

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