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Viljo Nissinen's Mineral Collection

Viljo Nissinen’s goal was to attain as complete a collection as possible: he wanted to collect all the minerals found in the world. The disparity of minerals, caused by their origin, attracted Nissinen. The beauty and flawlessness of a specimen was important to him. The collection consists of over 1500 mineral specimens organized according to their chemical classification and crystal structure.

Minerals and elements illuminate the early development of the Universe. Visitors can also acquaint themselves with different rocks and their origin. The 3 500 millions year old Siurua gneiss, which is the oldest rock of Fennoskandia, can also be seen in the collection.

Approximately 670 different minerals have been found in Finland. For example an amethyst from Lampivaara, a tourmaline from Kuortane and a zircon from Siilinjärvi are on display. In addition, platinum minerals as well as stone and iron meteotites and minerals that contain radioactive materials are displayed in special showcases.

Photo: Joni Virtanen

Photo: Joni Virtanen

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